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Doctors' App

Doctors' App

A quick review by doctors without having to waste precious time is absolutely necessary in times of medical emergencies. Therein lies the true utility of the totally dependable Doctors’ Booking Application by XomoX Technologies! It helps you find doctors near your location, read reviews and book appointments at any convenient time instantly, and get consultations at the exact time without having to wait in long queues.

Core Funtionalities :

  • In-Clinic Appointment Booking: A straightforward OPD queue management system with a web-based admin panel for doctors and a mobile app for patients.

  • Schedule Doctor for House-calls: A mobile app through which a patient can see all the nearby registered doctors and vice versa. Patients can request doctor to pay a house call at the time and day of their own choice or requirement, as per availability and acceptance.

Why XomoX

  • Trending Technology: We engage the most modern and sophisticated technology. Our R&D team never fails to compile the innovations and bring them to use.

  • World-Class Quality: Quality will never be compromised when it comes to app development at XomoX. Repeated checks and upgradation will finetune the solution.

  • Contemporary UI/UX: We maintain the best in industry standards for UI/UX designs. We wish to provide a seamless user experience for our customers.

  • Customize All You Need: An application exactly how you like it to be. We personalize till you feel that your app is the best choice for the users.

  • One-Time Cost: Spend once, it will turn out to be a lifetime investment. Mobile applications will serve as a loyal mate if boosted with timely updates.


Patient App.:

A simple portal for the patients to choose the Location, Specialization, Doctor and Available Time Slot

  • User profile: Patient can set up his/her user profile quickly to simplify future interactions

  • Appointment Booking: Convenient time slots can be chosen after confirming the doctor availability

  • In-app Chat Enables the users to communicate within the application

  • Doctor location: Users can easily locate the doctor’s place for easy travel and time estimation

  • In-app payment: Doctor’s fees can be remitted in-app at the time of booking itself

  • Set Favorite Doctor: Favorite tags can be set for doctors

  • Upload Medical History: Health related documents can be uploaded to the app for future reference

  • Treatment History: Patients treatment history is uploaded in the application for future reference

  • Set search radius: Search radius can be set to channelize the search for doctors and clinics

  • Doctor Directory: Doctor directory is available to search for any doctors you need

  • Doctor identification: Doctor identification through photo and professional degree analysis, along with the detailed reviews of verified patients;

  • Review: Reviews can be posted based on the experiences you encounter during the appointment

Doctor App:
  • Efficient booking handling using the doctor portal and get a preview about the patient's illness even before meeting them in person.

  • Doctor profile

  • Doctor can create and update their profile anytime for patient's reference

  • Set/Update Availability: Availability can be set as per convenience for the doctor

  • Appointment Approval / Rejection

  • Real-time Treatment Requests

  • Booking slot edits: Appointment slots can be edited in case of any inconveniences

  • Accept/reject booking: Booking accept/reject feature available in the doctor app

  • In-app chat: In-app chat enables the users to communicate within the application

  • Online prescription: Online prescriptions can be shared with the patients in case of emergencies

  • Treatment history: Patients treatment history is uploaded in the application for future reference

  • View patient details: Patient details are available for doctor’s reference

Admin Portal:
  • Create Sub Admins

  • Manage doctor: Check doctor profile and approve after confirming the authenticity

  • Manage booking: Channelize booking slots and make edits whenever necessary for smooth function

  • Manage patients: Patient management to ensure fraudulent transactions and bookings

  • Manage booking app

  • Booking app management to ensure things go as planned and no last end surprises

  • Manage reports

  • Appointment reports and prescription management digitally

  • Service module

  • Timely update of the service module for smooth functioning of the doctor’s app

  • Create sub-admins

  • Admin cerates sub-admins if necessary to manage the functions

  • Treatment history

  • Treatment history of doctors and patients available for the admin

  • Approve doctor profile

  • Checking and approving doctors before letting their profile active

  • Manage ads

  • Admin can manage banners and advertisements are to be run in the app