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The Need for Technical Training Courses:

It has been observed consistently that, in spite of a high turnover of technical graduates in the region, the skills that are required to excel in the IT industry are sadly lacking in most. While aware of the theoretical aspects associated with their subjects, these fresh engineers & science graduates have literally no knowledge of actual implementation in the real word. Even the few basic projects they may have completed do not grant them any real insight into the actual outputs that are expected out of them. This is where XomoX Technology comes into play!

What We Offer:

Being an international technology service provider, XomoX consistently works on various types of websites, mobile applications and software applications - along with digital marketing for the same. Thus, we keep ourselves abreast with all developments in the global I.T. industry and work on projects pertaining to all the latest business types. When we train the fresh college pass-out, it is on technology and techniques that are actually used by our in-house team of designers and developers to provide immaculate IT services to our clients on a day to day basis. They learn how to create the actual finished product from scratch, as per the predefined project Scope of Work, and how to implement change orders as per feedback from clients. Not only are they trained on the various work processes, but also on how to get the job done on time, as per pre-defined S.L.A. (service level agreements). Moreover, in the real world, the same type of project may be contracted for various price ranges. The difference lies in the intricacies of the features provided and quality of finishing and debugging. The training we offer will also acclimatize the designers and developers with the various levels of finishing that are possible per project type. Our promise is an end-to-end solution that will help induct the student into the corporate culture and polish boys and girls into highly productive software professionals!

The Complete Life-Cycle of Projects:

Considering cost estimation & contract documentation to be the responsibility of the Sales and Marketing teams, live projects will ideally be assigned to the Production Teams (of which you will be a member) with the detailed Scope of Work, expected Delivery Schedules and complete Input Files.

The Planning Phase

While it is usually the responsibility of the Project Manager and the Project Team Lead to study the S.O.W. for the project in detail and review the supplied input files and instruction manuals, it may be beneficial for all team members who would work on the various modules of the project to get a total overview of the project requirements. All points that are not clear or require further explanations may be forwarded to the clients via structured R.F.I. (Request for Information) logs. If required, a project kick-off meeting may be organized with the client to discuss doubts & expectations.

Required Skills

Skills Required Purpose / Output
Comprehension Skills Ability to understand the list of Services and Output Requirements
Technical knowledge Assimilate the Scope of Work for the projects
Understanding of User Experience Understanding of project logic and work process step by step
Understanding of Business Logic Define the final output as per required User Experience


The Designing Phase of websites and mobile applications is, perhaps, the most important step, which will decide whether the finished product will be ‘common’ or ‘spectacular’. There are two primary types of designing methodologies:

  • Template-based: Here, readymade design templates are used as the starting point, and customized as per instructions from the client.
  • User Interface & User Experience Designing: The design of individual web-pages and Mobile Application screens are created using “PhotoShop” or “Illustrator”, modified as per client feedback and then converted into HTML web-pages and dynamic app. screens. Logos and other graphics are also created in a similar fashion.

Required Skills

Skill / Software Purpose / Output
Adobe Photoshop Wire-frames and User Interface designing;
Illustrator Used for creating graphics and illustrations for web projects;
Adobe XD Prototyping User Experience for websites & mobile applications;
H.T.M.L Used to convert wire-frames & designs into internet browser compatible website pages
C.S.S Used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML
Bootstrap Used to accomplish Mobile Responsiveness for the web-pages


Once the designs have been completed and accepted by the ‘Owners’, the development of the various features and functions are initiated. Under certain modern development techniques, the development of the web-based administrative and back-end portals can be initiated parallelly with the designing phase.

Website Development

There are various scripting languages and C.M.S. based development platforms that may be used to create websites. The most commonly prevalent amongst those are listed below, in the order of their market-share:

Scripting Languages C.M.S Based Development Languages
PHP (42.57%) WORDPRESS (16.92%)
ASP.NET (25.26%) WIX (2.58%)
JAVA (2.69%) SHOPIFY (>1%)
PYTHON (>1%) MAGENTO (>1%)

Required Skills

Skill / Software Purpose / Output
A.P.I. Integration Connecting 3rd party software like Delivery Portals & Payment Gateways to the parent website or mobile applications.
A.P.I. Development Allowing 3rd party software to ‘call’ data from websites and mobile applications created by us.
Database Management Systems      
Client Side/Server-Side Scripting      

Mobile Application Development

The web-based administrative portal is connected to the Android and iOS Mobile Applications using A.P.I.s., to transmit and receive dynamic data.

The actual applications may be created using various techniques:

  • Native Application Development:
  • Hybrid Application Development:
  • Progressive Application Development (Android Only):

Required Skills

Skill / Software Purpose / Output
A.P.I. Integration Connecting the Mobile Applications to the Web-Based Administrative Portal
Swift Swift is a general-purpose, open-source, compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc.
Objective-C Objective-C (ObjC) is an object-oriented programming language used by Apple for the OS X and iOS operating systems and their A.P.I. s
Java Java forms the base for the Android operating system
Ionic Development Framework Ionic is a complete open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development

Quality Testing & Debugging

Extra effort is needed - especially during the final stages of development - to carry projects to their successful conclusion through multiple rounds of debugging and cosmetic changes, thus ensuring finished products with “zero defects” and a touch of flourish and finesse! The finished product is to be tested at every step, as various categories of users within the database, to check the user experience and to ensure that all functionalities have been accomplished as per the original specifications of the project. Innovative thought process is required to be able to assess the flow of functionalities as the end user (and not as a developer) and to repair all issues using agile methodologies.

Required Skills

Skills Required Purpose / Output
Logical Process Analysis      
Software Knowledge      
Designing Knowledge      

Digital Marketing

After being made live, the next logical step is to promote websites and mobile applications through Digital Marketing techniques. While Search Engine Listing and Business Listing will ensure that the search results page is professional and comprehensive when the exact project name is typed in, Organic S.E.O. ensures top ranking when relevant keywords are used. And there is Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Optimization and Marketing for spreading the word through social networking portals and paid marketing campaigns.

Required Skills

Skills Required Purpose / Output
Critical Thinking Understand 'What happened', 'Why “what happened” happened' & 'What we should do about it'
Comprehension & Composition Do their own keyword research and author relevant content
Technical &Programming Skills. Make recommendations about page speed, rendering, lazy loading, server side re-directs, microdata tagging, and basic HTML tags.
Excel Skills Turning a Screaming Frog crawl into an XML sitemap, measuring algorithm changes and their impact with GA/Adobe data, creating custom CTR by position curves, or quickly bucketing keywords from search console into brand/non-brand or by product groups


Every action undertaken during the entire project cycle is taught to you. At the end of your training process, you will be aware of every single step that is undertaken by major IT companies to complete the most complex of projects, though expertise in actualization of the tasks can be gained by you only through practice and your application. Not only will you have benefitted from your work on numerous live international projects of all types, but also will you be totally armed and equipped to handle any and every type of project that you may happen to come across in future.

Become a Trainee Software Designer or Developer:

Are you a fresh college pass-out looking to step into the corporate world? Or are you a desiring I.T. professional looking for your first break in the I.T. industry, but being rejected constantly due to lack of hands-on experience on any live projects or any work experience in any IT company? Whatever the situation, we will assist you in gaining the real experience and knowledge in the desired field of your choice. Based on the results of your face-to-face interview and/or machine test, we will decide on the topics that you need to be trained on, according to your preferred choice of profession.

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